If a dancer wishes to become a Pro Reveler (Faculty Assistant with Revel Dance Convention) he or she must attend a Revel event and participate in the Pro Reveler Audition Class scheduled on Sunday morning from 7am-8am. Dancers will be evaluated in the audition class and throughout the weekend in order to determine advanced technique in jazz, contemporary, ballet, versatility in hip hop and tap, and quickness in picking up the choreography from each instructor. Each event ends with a Revel Remix Closing Show, where Pro Revelers will be awarded. Those dancers chosen will then have the opportunity to assist on tour during the following year (for one season).
Before participating in the audition class, attendees must find the Pro Reveler table near Registration and fill out a Pro Application. Upon handing in application to Revel's Staff, a dancer must also pay the $25 application and workshop fee to reserve a spot. (If available, a submitted headshot with application is preferred, but not required) A portion of the proceeds will be donated to American Dance Movement, which goes to help fund dance education in communities around the country. 

Click here for more info on the Pro Reveler Requirements & Faculty Assistant Program. 


These scholarship awards are Revel-Tuition Based Scholarships. Recipients of this award are invited to return to next season's regional tour on a Full Tuition or Half Tuition based scholarship that will be applied to the dancers' convention fees. Revel also has Nationals Convention Tuition Scholarships that if received will be applied to the dancers' Nationals convention fees. 

Beginning summer of 2022, REVEL will be launching a brand new summer series workshop.  Three unique tracks will focus on Tap, Hip Hop/Jazz Funk, and Ballet/Contemporary.  Dancers receiving the Summer Series Award will get 25%-50% off registration fees for this incredible new event!  More details to come.

Impact Dance Adjudicators (IDA) provides the industry's only pre-screened judges to competitions and conventions all over the US. Using their national panel of adjudicators, IDA also offers video critiques to dancers that submit video of their solos and group routines. Winners of this award receive one free video critique from an IDA judge.

AMDA Faculty will be onsite at REVEL events hosting auditions for their High School Summer Program and acceptance into their BFA college program.  Winners of these awards, will receive discounted registration to their High School Summer Program, or college scholarships ranging from $10,000-$60,000.

Talent Agencies hosting a mock audition class may offer select dancers an agency consultation opportunity whereby they will be considered for potential agency representation.