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Welcome to Revel Dance Convention! I’m glad you’re here! Growing up a convention kid before attending with my own students, I saw many areas of opportunity to better the convention experience for future dancers. When I started Revel, it was my mission to create more than just a dance convention and competition event, but rather, a welcoming and more inclusive community where we can celebrate our differences and shared love for dance! At Revel, we’ve worked diligently to bring together a diverse faculty that includes educators and choreographers from all facets of the dance world. It’s not only the goal of our faculty to provide exceptional education, but also, to make sure each dancer feels seen, inspired and uplifted. At Revel, we also offer an exciting competition each weekend that is grounded in performance opportunity and meaningful feedback. Each weekend wraps with our incredible Remix Closing Showcase where dancers are awarded not only Revel tuition-based scholarships, but distinguished industry-sponsored scholarships, professional opportunities, and various educational and performance-based resources to further their dance careers. Last but not least, our commitment to safety is at the core of everything we do within the Revel community. This is why Revel was one of the first dance conventions to pursue event certification with Youth Protection Advocates in Dance (YPAD) in early 2021. When your dancers attend Revel, you can feel assured that all our staff and faculty have undergone background checks, significant safety and wellness training, and are committed to upholding the YPAD standards regarding age-appropriate movement and music. Whether you are planning to attend Revel for the first time or have been part of our family for years, I am grateful for your trust in Revel and look forward to reveling with you soon! 

Frank Musso

Artistic Director

REVEL is one of only three events Certified by Youth Protection Association For Dance (YPAD). This means that our team has undergone significant training in the areas of Safety & Wellness for young dancers, and are responsible for upholding the standards set forth by YPAD.  These standards include, but are not limited to background checks for all Faculty & Staff, staff being certified in CPR and First Aid, and ensuring policies and procedures uphold REVEL's inclusive, equitable, and family-friendly environment.  While attending REVEL, studios should expect convention classes with age-appropriate music and movement choices.  REVEL expects the same from attending studios in terms of performances on the competition stage.  We believe that as a community everyone can work together to create positive progress in the competitive dance industry.  For more information on REVEL's certification through YPAD, please contact our Customer Experience Team.

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What Revelers are saying

“Our dancers attended Revel Minneapolis and had such a FABULOUS time! Christian and Frank were so helpful with everything. Our dancers loved all of the classes so much. It was extremely personal. Teachers tried to learn names and gave personal corrections which is really awesome in a convention setting. The whole event was so professional as well. Our dance families and teachers were very pleased. The judges critiques were very beneficial too. We had such an amazing time at Revel and have already begun looking at the calendar for next season so we can attend more cities. Thank you, Revel!”

Studio Owner

“My students and parents are still RAVING about REVEL! My students had a blast! Revel is truly something special. So organized and their staff is STELLAR! The kids are BEGGING to do all the combos in class. ESPECIALLY BALLET! You know they're doing something right. As an educator, I am so pleased with the classes my students received, as well as the entire competition experience. We would highly recommend REVEL. We can't wait to go back!”

Studio Owner

“Wow! We loved our first Revel weekend! So many of our seasoned advanced dancers said it was their favorite competition convention weekend to date. We have struggled with some weekends this season where the environment wasn't ideal and made the situation stressful for parents and dancers. Your faculty created a very nurturing vibe, while maintaining challenging classes. Please know how much I appreciate that. I also appreciate that your numbers for "sold out" don't feel too big and dancers have space to dance and awards don't go passed midnight. Another thing I really liked was how you selected dances for the closing show.”

Studio Owner

“So we just wrapped our final comp of the season, and honestly 100% of the feedback I'm getting about every other event from the staff, dancers and parents is, "it's ok, but it's not REVEL!" I don't know how you all do it, but we're so grateful you do. I wish we can find more events like yours because everything else has been disappointing this season. Thank you for hiring people who care so deeply (Duncan and Derek in particular) are mentioned in our studio on a near daily basis. And creating an environment where learning is truly at the center. The massive amount of work and love you and Frank pour in, it shows in every facet.”

Studio Owner