2022 - 2023

Ages & Fees

Fee (Studio Dancer)
Fee (Independent)
12 -14
9 - 11
5 - 8
Teacher (Dancer)
  • Age is calculated as of the first of the current calendar year. The above age levels are guidelines to the Revel experience. Each dancer will be issued a wristband that reflects their assigned ballroom for class and gives them access to that room only. Studio directors are more than welcome to move dancers to a different level for convention if space is available.  Please note: Dancers that dance down must still audition in their originally assigned age level. These changes can be made in the system upon registration.
  • NOTE - dancers who are registered for the competition must be registered for the convention.
  • NOTE - refunds are not available under any circumstances unless Revel cancels an event. Credit equal to convention fees paid will be issued towards a future event for up to one year if a dancer is unable to participate. All credits will be issued back to the studio account


For Studio Observers:

Upon registering for their Revel Event, studios will be able to receive up to a max of 5 complimentary VIP Observer Lanyards. These Lanyards will permit studio teachers and staff into each convention room. To be eligible to receive the complimentary VIP Observer Lanyards, studios must list all teacher and staff observers in their registration. VIP Observer Lanyards will be provided in the studio bag at the Revel Registration & Check-In kiosk upon arrival.

For Parent Observers:

Parents of registered Revel Dancers are allowed into the convention classes if they purchase a Parent Observer Band. All Observers must be attending with paid dancers only. Studios can purchase Parent Observer Bands via the Registration Portal prior to their Revel Event or Parents can purchase the Observer Bands onsite at the Revel Registration & Check-In kiosk during the event. It is strongly encouraged to coordinate & purchase Parent Observer Bands prior to the event as quantities may be limited due to capacity. Parents purchasing Observer Bands onsite will be required to verify their dancer's name, studio name and date of birth. Also, Parent Observer Bands are specific to the Revel Level (Senior, Teen, Junior, Mini) and may not be used to gain access to multiple rooms.

Parent Observers must make sure Observer Bands are visible for Revel staff at all times during the classes. Parent Observers must sit and keep all belongings against the walls to provide the maximum amount of space for the dancers. Revel reserves the right to ask any observer to leave the ballroom if they become a distraction to the dancers or faculty.

One-day Parent Observer Bands are not available.

Parent Observer Bands are not required to watch Revel Bonus Classes on Friday night.

Bonus Classes

Dancers registered for the convention can opt to participate in 2-3 Bonus Classes held on Fridays at every Revel Event. Please be advised that these classes are open to all ages and levels and may be considerably more challenging for younger dancers. Bonus classes are usually scheduled between 5-8pm, and in most cities, Revel Bonus Classes are taught by our Pro Revelers of the Year. Depending on the size of the ballroom space, attendance may be capped during these classes. See your city convention schedule for Bonus Class details and times.

Scholarship Classes

Revel will hold a scholarship audition class in all four levels throughout Saturday. In these classes, dancers will learn a jazz combination and then audition for Revel Tuition Based Scholarships. Please note that our faculty are observing dancers in all classes and genres for scholarships opportunities including Industry Sponsored Awards and Summer Dance Fest.

Scholarship Redemption

After receiving scholarships at Revel, studios can email to redeem scholarship codes for their dancers. If a dancer has switched studios after winning a scholarship, they must provide written permission from their former studio to Revel for any scholarship release.

Safety & Security

REVEL is one of only three events Certified by Youth Protection Advocates in Dance (YPAD).This means that our team has undergone significant training in the areas of Safety & Wellness for young dancers, and are responsible for upholding the standards set forth by YPAD.  These standards include, but are not limited to background checks for all Faculty & Staff, staff being certified in CPR and First Aid, and ensuring policies and procedures uphold REVEL's inclusive, equitable, and family-friendly environment.  While attending REVEL, studios should expect convention classes with age-appropriate music and movement choices.  REVEL expects the same from attending studios in terms of performances on the competition stage.  We believe that as a community everyone can work together to create positive progress in the competitive dance industry.  For more information on REVEL's certification through YPAD, please contact our Customer Experience Team.

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Class Recommendations

Dancers should be prepared with their own water and are responsible for staying hydrated and nourished throughout the convention portion of the Revel Event. Attending dancers should also come prepared to class with the proper attire and shoes for each scheduled dance style. Revel recommends the following:

  • Dancers should avoid baggy and/or layered attire for technical disciplines such as ballet, contemporary and  jazz
  • Dancers should wear ballet shoes in ballet and ballet barre
  • Dancers should wear tap shoes in tap classes. If a dancer does not have tap shoes, we strongly encourage them to still take the class in another shoe
  • If dancers own character heels, they are encouraged to wear them during Broadway and/or Ballroom classes

Discount Info

Dancers attending more than one 2022-2023 Revel Regional event will receive a 25% off discount on workshop fees for each additional Regional city. Please contact the Revel office to have multi-city discounts applied to a new registration.

Revel does not offer a teacher room at this time. Teachers and studio directors can take class at a discounted rate of $150. This is for Saturday and Sunday workshops.