2023 - 2024

Adjudicated Awards

290 - 300
Hi Platinum
280 - 289.9
268 - 279.9
Hi Gold
255 - 267.9
240 - 254.9
  • Age is calculated as of the first of the current calendar year.
  • Soloists over the age of 18 are eligible for adjudication only.

Top Overall Awards

1st - 20th Place
1st - 10th Place
Small Group
1st - 10th Place
Large Group
1st - 10th Place
1st - 3rd Place
1st - 3rd Place
  • Judges will reward overall high score placements in each age division in solo, duet/trio, small group, large group, line and production pending number of entry variety. In order for Revel to award a Top Overall Placement, there must be more than 1 entry in a given category.

Group Awards

Top Revelation Awards

Revel’s Judges Pick - going to a group, line or production in each age division, pending entry variety. Top Revelation Winners will receive free entry to Revel National Finals as well as get to re-perform in the Sunday Remix Closing Show. If a studio receives more than 1 Top Revelation, only the highest scoring Top Revelation from that studio will perform again in the Remix Closing Show (with exception of the Ultimate Revelation Winner).


Revel’s Judges Pick going to only ONE ROUTINE every weekend. The winning routine will get to re-perform in the Sunday Remix Closing Show as well as,  automatically advance to the ULTIMATE REVELATION DANCE OFF at the conclusion of Nationals. This guarantees Studio eligibility for unique Revel National Finals Awards like STUDIO OF THE YEAR!

Studio Awards

Studio Revelation Awards

Revel Faculty and Judges will award each studio with their highest scoring group, line, production routine.

Revelry Award

The Revelry Award will go to the studio who displays the most versatility in each city. The Revelry Award Winner will receive $500 in Revel Cash which can be used towards Nationals Registration.

Spirit Revelation Award

The Spirit Revelation Award will go to the studio(s) who displayed exemplary sportsmanship backstage and onstage, proving a sense of community and support among their competitors. Spirit Revelation Winner will receive $250 RevCash to be used towards Nationals Registration.

Additional Awards

Special Awards

Revel Faculty & Judges will award dancers with Special Awards that prize excellence in a variety of dance elements.

Choreography Awards

Revel Faculty and Judges will award excellence in choreography.