"Don’t adapt to the energy in the room, influence the energy in the room"

Rumer Noel is the Founder and Owner of Reflection Studios LA, the newest dance studio on the West Side that is bringing the industry to the beach cities. After teaching at many of LA's studios, she eventually wanted to open a space for herself where she could continue teaching individuals the importance of standing out, making a statement and finding their confidence. She is also currently leading a workshop twice a year in Los Angeles, Reflection the Workshop, that gives young dancers the tools that they will need to succeed and stand out among this industry. For the past nine years, Rumer has worked as the talent and/or the choreographer for various commercial jobs. She has appeared on Lifetime TV's Dance Moms as a choreographer, award shows, and commercials like the Oscars, Fiat, PNC bank, MTV, and has done live performances for artists such as Jojo Siwa, Mackenzie Ziegler, Katy Perry, Montell Jordan, Boys ll Men, and Jon Secada. Rumer has found that sharing her love for what she does with others and being someone that dancers can look up to is what truly sets her soul on fire. Her focus in her classes is to create a safe, welcoming environment full of energy that teaches performance, control, and attention to detail. Her main goal is that each dancer that trains with her comes out of class feeling growth while also encouraging them to push boundaries and escape the ordinary. Rumer takes her role as a mentor seriously and wants to help dancers be their best selves also outside of the classroom by encouraging healthy habits, teaching how to present yourself, and preaching the importance of hard work! Rumer is a recognizable figure in this industry that mirrors the importance of staying true to yourself and how to create your own path to success.