pro-reveler: (n.) a select group of dancers who tour with Revel and assist our faculty.

If a dancer wishes to become a Pro Reveler (Faculty Assistant with Revel Dance Convention) he or she must attend a Revel event and participate in the Pro Reveler Audition Class scheduled on Sunday morning from 7am-8am. Dancers will be evaluated in the audition class and throughout the weekend in order to determine advanced technique in jazz, contemporary, ballet, versatility in hip hop and tap, and quickness in picking up the choreography from each instructor. Each event ends with a Revel Remix Closing Show, where Pro Revelers will be awarded. Those dancers chosen will then have the opportunity to assist on tour during the following year (for one season).
Before participating in the audition class, attendees must find the Pro Reveler table near Registration and fill out a Pro Application. Upon handing in application to Revel's Staff, a dancer must also pay the $25 application and workshop fee to reserve a spot. (If available, a submitted headshot with application is preferred, but not required). 


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  • Applicants must be at least 9 years old as of the date of audition and no older than a Senior in high school

  • Applicants must have their studio director's permission to audition for the Pro Reveler Program

  • Applicants must be versatile in all dance styles

  • Applicants must excel at quickness in picking up choreography

  • Pay audition class fee of $25 when turning in application



  • Pros must attend a mandatory Pro Orientation in Orlando in August

  • Pros must be enrolled in a dance studio program taking weekly ballet and technique classes

  • Pros must assist a minimum of 3 cities throughout their season

  • Pros must purchase the required Pro Reveler Attire

  • Pros must adhere to the Pro Reveler Code of Conduct

  • Pros must actively promote Revel on their social network accounts



Once Pro Revelers have assisted all season, they have the opportunity to attend the National Finals and compete in the Pro Showdown for the title of Pro Reveler of the Year (PROTY). This title comes with a cash prize and the opportunity to travel and assist with Revel for up to 2 years post high school graduation where Revel pays for the associated travel expenses. Pro Revelers of the Year also get the chance to teach bonus Friday night classes on tour along with choreograph the Pro Reveler opening routine in the showcase in each city.