"Dancing is about so much more than the steps"

Candace Brown is a dancer, choreographer, and educator with a huge passion for the art of dance. She has taught in Los Angeles as faculty at Debbie Reynolds Studio, Millennium Dance Complex, and Edge PAC. She has also taught around the world in various countries like Japan, Spain, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Greece, Poland, Ireland, and Amsterdam, as well as across the US. Candace is a Monsters of Hip Hop Alumna, and was principal dancer on UNITY LA directed by Tessandra Chavez. She has choreographed for artists like Nicole Scherzinger, under the direction of Jaquel Knight, plus danced/assisted major choreographers on television shows like X-Factor (chor: Kevin Maher) and Dancing With The Stars (chor: Aakomon Jones). Recent credits include Janelle Monae, and Black Girls Rock (BET) with choreography by Luam Keflezgy. Candace's transition to New York City is an exciting time for her and she is so honored and humbled to be a new addition to faculty at the world-renowned Broadway Dance Center. She hopes to continually be inspired and inspire others by doing what she loves.