• All Revelers will receive their designated Revel level wristband when checking in with our registration desk. All Revelers are required to wear their wristband in order to gain access to their designated room. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. In the event you lose your wristband, please check back in with our registration desk for a replacement. 

  • Registration and payment must be received before event's early bird deadline to avoid late fee. All deadline dates are available on the individual event pages. For ALL cities, early bird deadline is 30 days before event date.  Registration is on a first come, first serve basis, and final payment in-full is the only method to guarantee your participation for an event.  

  • Although every effort is made to avoid scheduling conflicts, faculty confirmed per event is subject to change without notice.

  • All REVEL Dance Convention ages are calculated as of the 1st of the current calendar year. 

  • Studio owners/directors may use their discretion to place their dancers in the appropriate level, however dancers must be in their true age level for the scholarship audition class.

  • REVEL Dance Convention accepts payments for fees via credit card or check. 

  • All return checks will be subject to a fee equal to the amount Revel is accessed. 

  • Refunds will not be given for workshop fees. 

  • Prior to arrival, all registration fees must be paid in full. Revel does not accept personal or studio checks on site. 

  • One day participants are not eligible for scholarships. 

  • In some cities, Teen and Senior Rooms may be combined. 

  • Studios may choose to add additional fees to the pricing listed below to cover administrative costs




  • Dancers attending more than one 2020-2021 REVEL Dance Convention event will receive a 25% off discount on workshop fees for each additional city. 

  • REVEL Dance Convention is proud to offer a discounted workshop rate of $175/dancer for dancers with valid college ID. College students must take class in the Senior Room and are not eligible for scholarships. 

  • Because Revel does not have a teacher room at this time, teachers and studio directors can take class for a discounted rate of $100. This is for Saturday and Sunday workshops. 



  • Parents of registered dancers are allowed into the workshop classes if they have purchased an observer wristband. All observers must be attending with paid students only. Observer wristband fees are listed above.

  • Observers, teachers and parents  are NOT allowed into the audition classes.

  • Observer bands for purchase are available at merchandise throughout the weekend. Complimentary observer bands, available through the Revel room block are available for pick up during registration hours at the registration desk.  

  • Observer wristbands are not required for the Friday bonus classes, "REVEL UP" Warm Up or the REVEL REMIX Closing Show. Revel reserves the right to limit observers within each ballroom, subject to attendance and space limitations.

  • Observers must make sure Revel Wristbands are visible for the Revel staff at all times during the classes. Observers must sit and keep all belongings against the walls to provide the maximum amount of room for the dancers. No excessive noise or talking during the classes as it can be distracting to the dancers and Revel Faculty. Revel reserves the right to ask any observer to leave the ballroom if they become a distraction. 

  • One day observer bands are not available. 

  • Studio owners and teachers receive complimentary VIP lanyards that get them into all ballrooms upon checking-in with the registration desk. 

  • A REVEL REMIX Closing Show will conclude every REVEL Dance Convention. All parents, studio owners and teachers are encouraged to attend. Revelers will perform a select number of combinations learned that weekend. Select Faculty and Pro Revelers will also perform. Following the REVEL REMIX, scholarships and awards will be announced based on the results of the audition class. 


  • If a dancer has switched dance studios or is now "Independent," they must submit written permission from their former studio to REVEL Dance Convention for any scholarships to be used through their new studio.

  • REVEL Dance Convention will email Studio Owners and Directors their winning scholarship codes at the beginning of the following season.

  • Studio Owners and Directors can also email to redeem their scholarship codes to use to register their dancers for future Revel events. 


  • The host hotel, facilities and REVEL Dance Convention are not responsible for any lost personal items or injuries.

  • If an attendee of REVEL Dance Convention is in need of first aid, please see a Revel team member at the merchandise desk.

  • Please make sure all personal items are against the perimeter of the ballroom, under the chairs, at all times to avoid injury and leave the most possible space to dance.

  • All dancers under the age of 14 who are registered with REVEL Dance Convention must be accompanied by an adult of a legal age.

  • All dancers registered for the workshop must complete and sign a REVEL Dance Convention waiver in order to participate. Click the Register Tab on the Menu above to print or fill out the waiver. 


  • All Revelers can participate in two open classes held on Fridays at every Revel event. Classes are usually scheduled 6:00-8:00pm. Parents, teachers, and studio owners are allowed to observe these classes with or without a Revel wristband. Registered attendees will be notified one week prior event as to location of open classes, styles, and faculty scheduled to teach the open classes. 


  • The REVEL UP is an explosive 15 minute warm up that will be held Saturday morning to get all dancers ready to Revel! It will take place in the larger ballroom, all levels combined, and will introduce your event Faculty & Pro Revelers. 

  • Most Revel events will include an opportunity for attendees to meet and take photos with select faculty at our Sunday Meet & Greet. 

  • Faculty from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy will be onsite at select select 2020/21 Revel Events. At Revel, AMDA holds an hour long workshop, wherein the school scouts and selects dancers to receive AMDA Scholarships to their High School Summer Workshop & College Programs. 

  • Jim Keith, Agent with MTA will be on site at 2020/21 Convention and Competition Events giving Revelers an opportunity to get a feel for how a professional dance auditions is conducted. During the audition, Jim will determine what dancer or dancers will be rewarded the FUTURE STAR Award, a certificate for a possible 1 year representation with the Movement Talent Agency.  

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