Jenna Petty is from Charlotte, NC. She has studied dance for 14 years in lyrical, jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary, hip hop and ballroom. Jenna has competed in dance for over 9 years and has achieved many solo championships on a regional and national level. Jenna has trained on the convention circuit in all genres and has been selected to assist choreographers on their national tours. Last year, Jenna was selected as Pro Reveler of the Year for Revel Dance Convention and as a member of the IAF Rogue Company for I Am Force Studios. In addition to training and competing across the US, she was cast in two dance videos with Disney's Sofia Wylie. Jenna is also a brand ambassador for Jo and Jax dance wear and models for other dance wear brands. Jenna's home studio is Dance Productions The Remix, where she is a company and prodigy member. 


2018 Pro Reveler of the Year

Dance Studio: Dance Productions The Remix

Age: 17 

How Many Years Dancing: 14 years

Favorite Dance Style: Jazz Funk or Power Jazz

Most Embarrassing Dance Moment: When my foot slipped out from under me during a battement and I fell straight down. I was full-out!

Dance Icon You'd Love to Work With & Why: Derek Hough - I've always dreamt of working with Derek because I deeply respect and appreciate his visions and passion for building dancers up and encouraging them to shine.

Biggest Inspiration & Why: To me the most inspiring thing is watching dancers with a disability or life circumstance that hinders their dance ability to push through, and see them experience the same joy and love for dance that I do. 


2018 Pro Reveler of the Year

Hometown: Tulalip, Washington

Age: 17

Dance Studio: Northwest Dance & Acro


Favorite Broadway Show: Wicked

Favorite Recording Artist: SZA

Dance Icon You'd Love to Work With & Why:  Chrystal Pite because she is a dance deity!  Everything she does is incredible!  I would love to work with her one day.  

Aimee Brotten began dancing at the age of 5 with Northwest Dance & Acro and was part of the Northwest Team that competed on America’s Got Talent at 8 years old.  Years later, after extensive training, Aimee was awarded Pro Reveler of the Year with Revel Dance Convention!  The year that followed was amazing traveling with Revel and working with the illustrious faculty! Aimee spends her summers attending dance intensives, most recently, Complexions.  Previous years, she has attended The Joffrey Ballet School’s New York Experience, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Dancerpalooza (as a Beat Squad Member), and Stacey Tookey’s Camp Protégé.  Aimee's ambition for the future is to one day own her own dance company where she can bring her own vision to the stage!  


2018 Pro Reveler of the Year

Hometown: Saint Simons Island, GA

Age: 19

How Many Years Dancing: 12 years

Favorite Dance Style: Jazz Funk 

Favorite Broadway Show: The Lion King

Favorite Recording Artist: Sam Smith

Most Embarrassing Dance Memory: Ripping my pants while on stage during a dance performance.

Ryan Williamson is from Saint Simons Island, GA, where he trained at Britney Boyd Dance Company. He has danced for 12 years and has competed for 7 years. Ryan has formal dance training in ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop and tap, but also enjoys other dance styles. Currently, Ryan resides in Los Angeles and is signed by  the Movement Talent Agency. His professional credits include dancing behind Janet Jackson in Memphis and New Orleans, several musical videos and a Television Pilot. Ryan has danced at Revel Dance Convention since it's inception and was awarded Pro Reveler of the Year at the 2018 National Finals in Virginia Beach.  


2019 Pro Reveler of the Year

How Many Years Dancing: 6 years

Age: 17

LA or NYC: I love both, but would have to pick LA

Instagram or Facebook: Instagram

Favorite Dance Reality Show: So You Think You Can Dance

Dance Icon You'd Love to Work With & Why:  I would love to work with Travis Wall because his choreography is an inspiration. 

Dream Dance Job: Dancing on tour with a famous artist like J-LO. 

Kira Marderosian is from Shrewsbury, MA. When she was younger, Kira was a Junior Olympic Gymnast, and won many State titles. Around age 11, the stress of gymnastics became overwhelming, so Kira decided to take a break and try dance. After just a few weeks, Kira realized her true passion. She competed in many competitions & conventions, and was fortunate enough to be awarded several accolades over the years. Recently, Kira was accepted into the L/\unch program at The Brea Space, and will be moving across country to chase her dreams! In addition, Kira is beyond excited to be traveling with Revel Dance Convention as a Pro Reveler of the Year. 

Mollie Carneal is from Norton, OH and has been dancing since the age of 9. She has trained in all styles of dance, traveling the country learning from the best of the dance convention industry. Mollie has had the privilege of dancing with Eden, Remidee, Zach Venegas, and Dejan Tubic on stage at National performances. In 2017, Mollie trained with the Muse Company in LA where she took classes and filmed for PSA. She is a member of the Activate Your Artistry Tribe and a Fly Dance Competition Ambassador, and is so excited to start her Revel journey as 2019 Pro Reveler of the Year! 


2019 Pro Reveler of the Year

Dance Studio: The Dance Movement

Age: 16

Favorite Dance Style: Jazz

Instagram or Facebook: Instagram

Funniest Dance Memory:   When I had to dance my solo without my contacts in my eyes and ended up getting first overall! 

Biggest Inspiration: My sister Madison is my biggest inspiration! She always works harder than anyone I know at anything she does. She has taught & showed me that no matter how hard things get to pick yourself up & go back out & try again. She has never given up on anything even when it seemed like that was the only option! She is my #1 fan & I love her to death!

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