OUR PLAN FOR 2020-2021

With the new season ahead of us, Revel is aware of the ever-changing environment for the coming dance year. We understand that everyone is trying too make plans for the future and with things constantly shifting it proves difficulty to do so. Your health and safety is of the utmost priority. We have been working diligently with all of our hotels and venues to come up with the safest possible experience for all our studios and dancers and also for our Revel Faculty and Staff. 

Our goal for the upcoming Ready Set Go Tour is to hold all of our 3-day events, GUARANTEED. Here's how it will work:


Revel will be planning all events in-person for the upcoming season. We will be limiting attendance and working with our venue partners to ensure a safe environment. We have made the following changes to our events:

- Six Foot Floor Stickers for Lines to reduce lobby congestion

- Plexi Glass Shields at all vendor tables and lobby stations

- Temperature Check Stations at the entrance of every ballroom

- Temperature Checks before workshop and after lunch

- Masks Mandatory in Ballrooms and Lobby for all dancers who can safely wear them

- Elimination of Warm Up and Meet and Greet

- Virtual Closing Show

- No observers allowed in the ballrooms

- Livestream Competition Awards

- Studio Block Style Competition Schedule

- Sanitization of Marley in between studios

- Dressing Rooms for each studio

- Scholarship Ceremony hosted in each individual ballroom

- Gridlines on the Floor with capacity limit in each ballroom 

- Dance bag Floor Stickers for ballroom perimeter spacing

- Staggered Start/Dismissal Times for Classes during Breaks

- Safety Protocol Signage throughout the lobby and ballrooms

- On-site sanitation company  to spray down ballrooms and lobby during event


Revel understands that some studios and families might not feel comfortable attending the in-person convention. All of our 3-day in-person events will have a virtual option, as seen in the photos above. This allows the dancers to take class from home or at the studio (at a discounted virtual fee). This option will also allow the dancers or studios attending the virtual convention to still come to the venue and participate in the competition portion of the event. To ensure the best virtual experience, dancers registering for the virtual portion will receive the same number of classes as the in-person event by live-streaming our LIVE classes that given weekend.


ALL 21 IN-PERSON EVENTS THIS SEASON WILL HAVE A VIRTUAL OPTION FOR BOTH CONVENTION AND COMPETITION. If studios and families feel uncomfortable to attend the convention see PLAN B. For studios and dancers who also don't feel comfortable participating in the in-person competition, Revel will send a professional videographer pre-event to capture all routines that wish to compete for their scheduled in-person event. The videos will then get integrated into the in-person event livestream and will be judged in conjunction with the in-person routines. Awards will be live-streamed and mailed to the studio post event. 



All the above Competition Fees are PER DANCER. Regarding our Virtual Competition Fees, remember Revel has to incur the cost of sending a videographer to the studio and capturing footage to incorporate in the in-person competition event.

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