"I Am" - two of the most powerful words that you'll ever tell yourself, for what comes after them shapes your reality. - Gigi Torres

GIGI TORRES, Choreographer, Dance Educator & Mentor, has been in the dance industry for almost two decades and has taught all over the world in 30 countries & 30 states. Her choreography has been seen on "So You Think You Can Dance" Scandinavia, Ukraine, & Poland and internationally for Musical Solo & Group Artists - Korean Pop group TXT & Girl's Generation, Indonesia's 7 Icons & SMASH, and USA's Madame Gandhi. She has created work for many companies including Vanity Fair Magazine, Joffrey Ballet, NuSkin International, The Yellow Co Women's Conference, & the American Musical & Dramatic Academy. Gigi has created and produced her own dance programs mentoring over 800 dancers through her GG Process Programming to help dancers create the process to their purpose and build confidence in their mindset and strength in their movement. Gigi's mission is to empower dancers to live purpose driven journeys that create longevity for their careers & life!